Meet Biovault Family: CellPlan’s First Global Excel Member Bank

With so many umbilical cord blood banks now operating worldwide, it can be bewildering for families to know where to go for the best advice and service.

CellPlan’s Excel Global membership programme removes the guesswork. Excel programme is a community of the most accredited, experienced and trusted cord blood banks in the world, and is supported by a leading specialist medical-advisory group.

By choosing an Excel Global member bank, parents can feel confident that their chosen storage facility works to CellPlan’s stringent standards.


Biovault Family: The Most Accredited Cord Blood Bank in Europe

Biovault Family, based in Plymouth in the UK, demonstrate exemplary care of families and their precious stem cells. At Biovault, every parent and child is treated as we would wish our own loved ones to be treated. If times gets tough you can depend on them. This is perhaps how Biovault has secured more of the most prestigious medical accreditations than any other umbilical cord blood bank in Europe. Biovault has the unique status of being accredited by both the AABB and JACIE.

Biovault is also the South West Peninsula Transplantation Service’s tissue bank. This means working in genuine partnership with the NHS, releasing tissue samples on a weekly basis for transplantations that improve the quality of life of patients.


Samples Released, Conditions Treated and Lives Saved

Biovault has led the way in human tissue processing and storage since 2002. Their team has released over 4,000 stem cell samples for transplantation and all have resulted in 100% engraftment. For CellPlan, this is the ultimate measure of success.

“When samples are released,” says Jade McCoy, Lab. Technician at Biovault Family,  “you know then and there people are being helped.”

Below are just a few examples of conditions successfully treated by stem cells processed and released from Biovault’s state-of-the-art facilities:

  • Thalassemia Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Singapore and Kinderklinik der TU Munchen, Munchen, Germany
  • Allogeneic Transplant National Blood Service, Birmingham, UK
  • Neuroblastoma Gaslini Institute, Italy
  • Cerebral Palsy – autologous Duke University Medical Center, North Carolina, USA
  • Sickle Cell Disease Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, London
  • Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia – sibling Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust, Surrey, UK


A Pioneering Cord Blood Bank and Stem Cell Research Centre

Biovault is a centre for stem cell research and development. Its state-of-the-art laboratories and long-standing relationships with Plymouth University and University College London support researchers as they develop our understanding of stem cells and how they might be used therapeutically.

As a leading member of the stem cell community, it is appropriate that Biovault Family were the first umbilical cord blood storage facility to qualify for CellPlan’s Global Excel Programme. Biovault’s CEO, Kate Sneddon, explains how CellPlan completes the picture of stem cell healthcare:

“As a bank regularly releasing stem cells for transplant, we want to be able to offer a full healthcare journey to families. The financial cost of the right treatment can put families under pressure and it’s difficult for a cord blood bank to offer an insurance product, as it isn’t our area of competence. For Biovault, working with an aspirational organisation like CellPlan completes that journey for families.”


“We are proud to uphold the highest industry standards, and proud to work with an organisation who promotes these standards.” (Kate Sneddon, CEO of Biovault Family and Biovault Technical)


CellPlan unlocks the potential of cord blood banking

 If you’ve banked cord blood, or are considering doing so, effective healthcare cover guarantees that you can afford stem cell treatment, should you or a member of your family need it.

Stem cell transplantation can cost up to £300,000. Accessing the most appropriate treatment is also likely to require travel, perhaps to another country, and accommodation, sometimes for long periods of time. This puts life-saving stem cell treatment beyond the reach of most families – even those who have planned for the future by investing in cord blood banking. It is our mission to change this. CellPlan gives families access to the best medical minds and treatments in the world, at an affordable price.


Store your baby’s umbilical cord blood with Biovault Family

Biovault Family offers personalised cord blood and tissue processing and storage to families all over the world, with an additional Phlebotomist service available should you require it. Find out more here.


Relax a little more with CellPlan

 CellPlan cover offers peace of mind to new families by making stem cell treatments affordable. We work with the most accredited umbilical cord blood banks to ensure that your baby’s precious cord blood cells are safe and viable for use, should you ever need them. You can find out more about the benefits of CellPlan here.

Families storing umbilical cord blood with Biovault Family can currently benefit from a year’s free CellPlan cover.

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