Protect your family’s future with WideCells larger than life services

Protect your family’s future with WideCells larger than life services 

Why WideCells?


WideCells is leading a transformation in stem cell services and stem cell treatments with the aim of making stem cell storage more accessible and affordable, on a global basis, for you.


WideCells is committed to making a difference in the world of family protection and as part of this commitment, they are actively seeking ways to educate families and provide the best stem cell service.


Their Institute of Stem Cell Technology (ISCT), in Manchester, UK, is driven by scientific knowledge and evidence-based clinical practice, which is why WideCells is constantly working with other organizations to carry out research with the hope of bettering people’s lives’ worldwide.


They’ve invested in the latest technology to ensure that the processing of your cord blood and cord tissue is the most efficient.

WideCells is the only organization in the UK, who are reinvesting into stem cells research to advance the possible applications of cord blood & cord tissue.


Their Human Tissue Authority (HTA) license enables us to carry out cutting-edge stem cell research in our base, in Manchester and build their position as a leading international innovator in the stem cell arena.


Why you need stem cell insurance?


If you have stored your child’s umbilical cord blood, or are considering it, you need effective healthcare cover to ensure you can afford the stem cell treatment should you or your family need it.


The cost of a stem cell transplantation can be anything up to £300,000. CellPlan, whom we are in partnership with, is the world’s first global stem cell healthcare cover, with a complete and inclusive family protection policy, designed to make cord blood stem cell transplants affordable and accessible.


The first year of your CellPlan stem cell insurance cover is included for free for 1 child when you sign up to BabyCells.


If you would like more information, please visit us at or you can get in touch with a member of our team via

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