Protect your family’s future with WideCells larger than life services

Protect your family’s future with WideCells larger than life services  Why WideCells?   WideCells is leading a transformation in stem cell services and stem cell treatments with the aim of making stem cell storage more accessible and affordable, on a global basis, for you.   WideCells is committed to making a difference in the world of family protection and as part of this commitment, they are actively seeking ways to educate families and provide the best stem cell service.   Their Institute of Stem Cell Technology (ISCT), in Manchester, UK,…

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The World’s First Cord Blood Recipient Delivers Life-Saving Cord Blood to 2-year-old Leukaemia Patient

First Cord Blood

Matthew Farrow, the world’s first ever umbilical cord blood recipient, has personally delivered a life-saving cord blood sample to a 2-year-old leukaemia patient from Orlando, Florida.   Matthew’s receives the world’s first cord blood transplant Matthew was five years old when his parents made the brave decision to allow an international team of medics to use a cord blood stem cell transplant to treat their son’s Fanconi Anaemia, a life limiting inherited bone marrow failure syndrome (IBMFS). Children with Fanconi Anaemia suffer from a range of symptoms including bleeding and…

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