Cartoon image of a doctor with a gold cup because we only work with the leading stem cell specialists to deliver insurance cover
CellPlan Excel Global Is the
New Standard for Cord Blood Banking

As the world's first global stem cell healthcare plan, it is CellPlan’s mission to protect as many families as possible from the consequences of life threatening diseases, and from the heart-breaking disappointment of being unable to use cord blood stem cells, or afford stem cell treatment.

We promote the highest standards in ethical cord blood banking, and facilitate adherence to these standards by all CellPlan Excel banks. The CellPlan Excel Global Membership Programme was developed to promote professionalism, accountability and high-quality customer service.

The Gold Standard in Customer Peace of Mind

The CellPlan Excel Global Membership Programme will promote your organisation’s level of excellence, resulting in competitive differentiation and customer confidence. Membership of CellPlan Excel reassures clients and customers, establishing trust and demonstrating your commitment to quality where it matters most, to families.


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